Specialist Surface dressing (Tar & Chipping) and Tarmac road surfacing contractors.

At Wegonaholdings we provide tailored surfacing solutions for our clients’ specific project requirements. Our business is built on years of experience and knowledge in asphalt and tarmac industry and we work in both the commercial and residential markets throughout the South Africa. We ensure that every project is delivered on time and in budget at your convenience.


Our tar surfacing plant and equipment is continually updated and a trained and experienced workforce and supervisory team, available to provide clients with the best service possible.The long established surfacing division is controlled by an experienced and enthusiastic team, who are eager to undertake work varying from driveways to large commercial and industrial projects in Pretoria.

Affordable Tar Surfacing Contractor in South Africa, Pretoria

Wegonaholdings is a company highly regarded for the consistency and quality of its services, in the specialist field of tack coat and bond coat binder spray application, tar surfacing, road spraying, bitumen binder spraying, tack coat or bond coat spraying by tack coat sprayer in pretoria, the supply and application of surface dressing binders for road surface dressing works.

Wegona Tar Surfacing Products